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Primeflex™ is a highly sophisticated fabric with flexible stretch properties. It is durable, lightweight, comfortable, fast-drying and customisable, making it ideal for a diverse range of activities, from sports and activewear to casualwear, business attire and fashion apparel.

Primeflex™ users will experience one thing above everything else: comfort. The fabric provides comfort uncompromised, helping to elevate users’ performance to the next level.

At Toray, we have used our unmatched heritage, expertise and continuous effort to pursue sustainability to produce a fabric that follows body movements across a range of sports and activities. Crucially, Primeflex™ achieves this while remaining comfortable, resilient and lightweight.

Whether it’s working up a sweat running on the trails or simply meeting friends for lunch, Primeflex™ gives you the freedom to be yourself while providing unrivaled comfort that won’t distract from your goals.

This comfort comes at no compromise – Primeflex™ remains soft and pliable, whatever you do while wearing it.

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