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2015 Birth of Primeflex™ Original 56T-24F Polyester type and 56T-48F Polyester type with comfortable stretch were named under the textile brand Primeflex™. 2015 2015b Nylon Version Launched Nylon side by side bi component yarn was launched as a Primeflex™ Nylon version. This new type of Primeflex™ contains 30% bio based material. 2015 2017 Eco Mark Primeflex™ is the first PTT fiber to acquire the Eco Mark for it's bio contents. 2017 2018 Microfiber Version Launched Launched the world's finest single-thread of 0.8dtex as a two-component bi-component yarn - Primeflex™ microfiber version. 2018 2019 NANODESIGN™ Development of the comfortable stretch textile Primeflex™ utilising composite spinning technology NANODESIGN™ won the Senken Synthetic Fiber Technical Award. 2019 2019b Recycled Material Launched a recycled Primeflex™ version as a sustainable comfortable stretch textile. Containing 50% recycled polyester and 18% bio based materials. 2019